In July 2018 Carmike Books released Word Painting: Whimsies, Dreams and Playful Fantasies. It is a collaboration of poetry written by Michael Steinberg with corresponding paintings done by Carole Steinberg Berk. It is now available to purchase on Amazon

In August, Carmike Books released Michael Steinberg’s Living In Michigan, Dreaming Manhattan--a collection of selected essay/memoirs on/about childhood, baseball, place, aging, travel, teaching, and writing.

Still Pitching: A Memoir

Peninsula: Essays and Memoirs from Michigan

The Fourth Genre 6th Edition

Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction (Founding Editor)

Those Who Do, Can: Teachers Writing, Writers Teaching -- A Source Book

The Writer's Way: A Process-to-Product Approach to Writing

I'm Almost Famous - a Play

My Works, Books, Plays, Literary Journals

Living in Michigan, Dreaming Manhattan: Selected Essays and Memoirs 1990-2015.
Eleven selected personal essays and memoirs on/about childhood, baseball, place, aging, travel, teaching, and writing

Still Pitching: A Memoir
Still Pitching is a coming-of-age memoir about being an adolescent outsider, about the fierce drive and determination to become a baseball pitcher, about being a die-hard Brooklyn Dodger fan during an era that sports historians still refer to as "the golden age of New York baseball," and about what it felt like to grow up Jewish in New York City in the 50's. At another level, it is about desire and yearning, determination and resilience. Still Pitching focuses not on heroic deeds but on the achievements and satisfactions that result from the human struggle to keep on striving.

Winner, 2003 ForeWord Magazine Independent Press Memoir of the Year.

Chosen by The American Association of University Presses for inclusion in Books Selected for School Libraries.

Cited by the Melton Center For Jewish Studies for inclusion in The American Jewish Story in Print.

Peninsula: Essays and Memoirs From Michigan
A collection of essays and memoirs by 37 Michigan writers commenting on the many aspects of this multi-faceted state.

Finalist Foreword Magazine, 2000 Anthology of the Year
and the 2000 Great Lakes Booksellers Anthology of the Year.

The Fourth Genre: Contemporary Writers of/on Creative Nonfiction Robert Root/Michael Steinberg
Co-edited with Robert L. Root, Jr.

Now in its fifth edition, this anthology of/on creative nonfiction contains essays and memoirs by a wide variety of writers as well as discussions on/about the process of writing creative nonfiction. Adopted by many colleges and universities, it is widely recognized as one of the standard teaching text in the field.

I'm Almost Famous (stage play) Bob Baldori/Michael Steinberg
An endearing often ridiculous look at the career of a rock singer/blues piano player who tries to make his way through the music business of the 60’s and 70’s without having to sell his soul.

Those Who Do, Can: Teachers Writing, Writers Teaching -- A Sourcebook Robert Root/ Michael Steinberg
A sourcebook based on The Traverse Bay Writing Workshop for Teachers, from 1986-1993, where K-college educators attended sessions in creative writing and pedagogy. The book offers an inside-out view of teaching based on the premise that to effectively teach writing, a teacher should have some experience as a writer.

Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction (Founding Editor)
Fourth Genre is one of the three literary journals solely devoted to publishing quality literary nonfiction. The journal also offers discussions of the form, interviews with well known writers and teachers, and reviews of current and past books.
Fourth Genre

The Writer's Way: A Process-to-Product Approach to Writing Michael Steinberg/ Clinton S. Burhans
The Writer's Way: A Process-To-Product Approach to Writing is based on the philosophical shift from traditional "product-centered" approach to a process-to-product model. The text is written directly to the student-writer. As they write selected personal/expressive, academic, and real world pieces, students gain experience in all phases of the composing process, from rehearsal and brainstorming through rough, revised, and edited drafts, to proofread final drafts.


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“My favorite book of the year. An astonishing look at the pains of growing up.”
--Dan Smith, WVTF Virginia, Public Radio
“Wherever readers look, they’ll find a different essay, a different voice, a different Michigan.”
-- Crab Orchard Review
Anthology of/on Creative Nonfiction
“Offers the most thorough and teachable introduction available to this exciting genre.”
--John Boe, Editor, Writing on the Edge
Stage Play
"An evening of energy, hot music, laughs and sheer entertainment." Lansing State Journal
"Root and Steinberg will be on the shelf near my desk that holds the most important books about the teaching of writing." -Donald Murray, A Writer Teaches Writing and Write to Learn
Literary Journal
"Fourth Genre is the Paris Review of nonfiction journals."
Writing/Teaching Text
The Writer’s Way is the best book I’ve found yet for teaching first quarter Freshmen their first English writing sequence….” Dr. Sheila Coghill, Moorhead State University.

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