I'm Almost Famous co-authored with Bob Baldori

An evening of dynamic, live, rock and roll, blues and boogie woogie combined with a bemused look at the life and times of a piano player who refuses to sell his soul to become rich and famous. It’s the reversal of an old theme. The play’s spirit and sentiment is positive and hopeful; you may or may not become a rich rock star and a household name, but you can aspire to do good work and reach your audience.

Selected Reviews and Comments:

“The comedy and music are sophisticated, top-quality theater.” Chicago Tribune

“What rock and roll used to feel like before it became hype and big business.” Lansing Star.

“The satire scores and the boogie booms. ... It’s a joy to watch these actors and music makers. They are exceptional at what they do.” Grand Rapids Press

Performed at the following theaters:

Apollo Theatre, Chicago, July-September 1984
Les Idees, Grand Rapids, January, February 1983
The Wharton Center Festival Stage, Michigan State University, March 1983
Boarshead Regional Theatre, Lansing, MI August 1982


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