Those Who Do, Can
Teachers Writing, Writers Teaching
A Sourcebook

This sourcebook is based on a series of workshops held for seven summers in Traverse City, Michigan. K-college teachers from all over the country participated in “The Traverse Bay Writing Workshops for Teachers” each year, attending sessions in a variety of forms of creative writing as well as sessions on writing pedagogy.

In Part One of Those Who Do, Can, contributors encourage teachers to write creatively for self-enrichment and personal growth. Part Two’s chapters offer teaching suggestions for approaching subject matter, content, and responding to writing.

Selected Reviews and Comments:

"Traverse Bay workshop participants taught, wrote, and tutored; shared processes, drafts, and products; and took these lessons back to their classrooms and their lives. I'm impressed with the way this book invites us to do the same." -- Wendy Bishop

"Those Who Do, Can is a book of exquisite words; words that present compelling rationales for teaching writing, words that set forth scores of concrete writing ideas, words that tell in poetry, story, and essay the urgent meanings of our lives. The ideas shared here can be used in classrooms tomorrow and in the lives of teachers forever." -- Tom Romano


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“My favorite book of the year. An astonishing look at the pains of growing up.”
--Dan Smith, WVTF Virginia, Public Radio
“Wherever readers look, they’ll find a different essay, a different voice, a different Michigan.”
-- Crab Orchard Review
Anthology of/on Creative Nonfiction
“Offers the most thorough and teachable introduction available to this exciting genre.”
--John Boe, Editor, Writing on the Edge
Stage Play
"An evening of energy, hot music, laughs and sheer entertainment." Lansing State Journal
"Root and Steinberg will be on the shelf near my desk that holds the most important books about the teaching of writing." -Donald Murray, A Writer Teaches Writing and Write to Learn
Literary Journal
"Fourth Genre is the Paris Review of nonfiction journals."
Writing/Teaching Text
The Writer’s Way is the best book I’ve found yet for teaching first quarter Freshmen their first English writing sequence….” Dr. Sheila Coghill, Moorhead State University.

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